A small commercial we produced for the Plymouth State Career Fair 2014.

4 tips to revamp your business with media

Print seems to be an old-school medium – but it is still very important. A lot of businesses underestimate the power and reach of printed advertising. Flyer, poster, banner and even the business cards add a lot of value to every business’ appearance – especially if they’re all part of a shiny corporate identity. A […]

Let’s make a spaceship – A few takeaways from the new Skrillex documentary

‘DJs are no musicians’, ‘He’s is just playing prerecorded shows’ or ‘He’s just pressing buttons!’ are a few of the thousand things one hears everyday from people, who couldn’t yet find access to the world of electronic music. I only got to meet Sonny once, and he left me pretty impressed in terms of how […]

[Infographic] How to use a handheld microphone

Handling a microphone is basically an easy job – if you know how to do it. That’s why I compiled this infographic with 6 important tips on how to use a handheld microphone. Click the image for a full-size preview or download a high-resolution PDF here.

Quick tip on better videos

Do you know how to immediately increase the quality of your phone-videos? #quicktip #video Via RazrInc on Instagram

Presentations – How to end a “video-guy’s” agony in 8 easy steps

I’ve been working at corporate events for 5 years now, and with each and every time a CEO of a top 100 company, that allocates millions on in-house marketing budgets, fails with a horrible presentation video wise, a little piece of me dies. It’s been a painful 5 years. Let’s end this agony. That’s why I […]

On “The Razr’s Edge”

Welcome to “The Razr’s Edge”! This is a blog to help small businesses, bands, artists and everyone interested to gain an insight in the fast pace world of the event and media industry through the eyes of a professional. The blog will offer unique behind-the-scenes looks, useful tips and readings, interesting news about the industry, music […]