While shopping at Ikea recently and buying a box for my shelfs, I found out, that the Ikea Dröna Box (Link Germany / Link US) fits an Apple MacBook Pro 15″ perfectly. That’s when I decided to make some use of it. I thought it might be an good idea, to modify the box a […]

While having a lot of gear is a nice thing and usually makes filming a lot easier, one thing that constantly bothered me was the charging of batteries. It was always about carrying enough power-strips, the specific chargers, connecting everything, charging the batteries and packing everything. And by now the number of different batteries increased […]

This tutorial shows exactly how to deal with sharpening in post, why you should only do it in post and basically turn it off in camera. Both on my Sony A7S and my Canon 5D mkII I have the sharpening /details dialled all the way down. Via Casey Faris on Youtube. Check out his other videos […]

On February 7 RazrInc was responsible for the video production of a general sales meeting of the German financial investment company Tecis via B.D.T. music and light. Live cut, equipment and recording came from RazrInc. RazrInc will also be responsible for the production of a DVD. View all the images:

It was an exciting year with many innovations, many new projects and after all a completely new era for RazrInc abroad. And something else happened in April 2014: RazrInc turned 5 years old. At this point we’d like to say “Thank You”! Thanks to all the customers for all the amazing projects we’ve been able […]

Photo by Rian Johnson (Link) Hands down, Breaking Bad is the best TV-show ever made. Not only because it’s so well written, it’s stunning cinematography or the mind blowing performances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (and all the other crazy awesome actors). No, because the creators put in so much thought on every single level. […]

Over the last few weeks, I worked on a set of small commercials for Plymouth State University’s #PanthersGiveBack alumni giving challenge with my valued colleague, Kaleb Hart, PSU’s advancement’s videographer. The videos were used to encourage alumni to make a donation on November 14th or 15th – coincidentally November 15th is also national philanthropy day. The premise of the challenge was this: […]

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