Happy Holidays and a great start into 2023! We had a fantastic year, despite all the mayhem that happened. A huge thanks to all our clients, friends, partners and families for supporting us in difficult times and the continued trust! Our year 2022 started with such a bad vibe, as our storage got completely drowned due to a fire next door. All year long we’ve been dealing with the aftermath. The continued and unconditional support of all our friends and partners kept us alive. Everybody just hustled to help us when things went south in last January and wen worse the following month’s. For that, we’re forever grateful! But all bad things come with a good part: We’re looking so much forward to the new year: A new headquarter, new CI, new website, a lot of cool new projects and working with all those great people and companies. Stay safe and healthy and all the best to you and your families for the forthcoming year!

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