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Bennet Seiger recommends RazrInc.

Working with Sam is always great. We have already realized several live stream productions together. Always professional, flexible and committed to the cause. Clear recommendation!

Bennet Seiger

Hendrik Eichler recommends RazrInc.

Very professional and creative! With RazrInc I recorded a 15 minute drum solo video in the Fattoria Musica. Sam Straka took over the entire planning of the video and I felt in great hands. His innovative lighting concept, carried out by Marius Bieckmann, had the Fattoria transformed into a “spaceship” and kept the video visually exciting over the long term. He is also a very relaxed guy, which created a great working atmosphere despite the time pressure. Big recommendation!

Hendrik Eichler

Bettina Wesnigk recommends RazrInc.

Sam made a film about my treatment for my health practice. He works very professionally and brings great ideas. The result is just great. It was a lot of fun working with him. So I can highly recommend it.

Bettina Wesnigk

Alicia Stockhammer reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

The best man when it comes to recordings, videos and photos!

Alicia Stockhammer

Dom Van Deyk reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Sam has made a number of videos for us in the past few months and we are more than satisfied with his work. Both live recordings, studio videos, and an electronic press kit were all better than hoped for. You always get a quick response when something is urgent. Although we are very critical and attention to detail and take a close look, we didn’t have to have much correction made. If everyone in the business thought that way, everything would be so much easier. Thank you so much for your work, Sam! Always my pleasure…

Dom Van Deyk

Robert Holstein reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

RazrInc has already done several projects for my band. The collaboration is very pleasant and relaxed, but at the same time productive. Sam puts an incredible amount of effort into the projects he tackles, works quickly, but also always thinks and was always very open to change requests and new ideas in the process. And the videos were always great in the end! Clear recommendation.

Robert Holstein

Marc Hartmann reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Very creative, reliable and friendly agency. Highly recommended! Again and again!

Marc Hartmann

Lena Bieler reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Incredibly professional, creative, friendly and uncomplicated. The cooperation was great – always happy!

Lena Bieler

Dexter Köckritz reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Great guy and excellent work, which is done very professionally. thumbs up

Dexter Köckritz

David Conrad reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Sam / RazrInc made a music video for my band and was very straightforward, creative & extremely hardworking from the start of the collaboration. During the shoot, he was extremely friendly, disciplined & absolutely reliable. Post-production went quickly and smoothly, requests for changes were implemented extremely promptly and the end product exceeded expectations. Additional inquiries were also processed quickly, easily and cleanly. All of this at more than fair prices. The overall package is 100% correct, unreserved recommendation and without hesitation the highest possible evaluation in all areas!

David Conrad

Tim Klein reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Exactly the right man if you want to shoot a professional and creative music video. We are very happy with the result!

Tim Klein

Julian Stechert reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Great cooperation! It was a lot of fun to implement our project with Sam and his team. With Sam’s skills and know-how, we have created an ingenious video that has contributed a lot to successfully implementing our crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. Thanks Sam!

Julian Stechert

Stephan Lutermann reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Working with Sam was great. We made our crowdfunding trailer for CHOREOS with him and were thrilled with his professionalism. Sam always stayed calm, had a good overview and gave the film that special something with his creative ideas. No wishes were left in communication either. The result was really good. Gladly again and again!

Stephan Lutermann

Martin Dennis Meissner reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

Sam made a music or live video for us at the Fattoria Musica. What I found really cool during the recordings – in addition to the blatant equipment and the naturally professionalism – was his relaxed nature (his own stress level dropped by 80 percent). When we got the first results, we were surprised how much he paid attention to the music and paid attention to our wishes when editing. The finished video has become more than awesome!

Martin Dennis Meissner

Lisa Maaß reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

RazrInc or Sam made a video for our event. The collaboration was just great and uncomplicated. Sam already knew in the preliminary meeting what we wanted and he implemented it fantastically!
At the event itself, he was always there at the right time and created a great memory for us. The drone used by Sam also gave the whole a great, additional perspective.
When we got the end result we were thrilled. He coordinated the music and the individual video excerpts exactly and it just became perfect.
Many thanks to Sam for your wonderful work!

Lisa Maaß

Max Barrenstein reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

We did several music video productions with RazrInc. Very professional, comprehensive know-how, absolute top equipment, uncomplicated communication and planning, smooth process – great results! Gladly again!

Max Barrenstein

Sebastian Alexander recommends RazrInc.

Sam / RazrInc produced the new COLONEL PETROV’S GOOD JUDGEMENT video. We are extremely satisfied, not only with the finished product, but also with Sam’s professionalism, work ethic and above all his pleasant nature! Thank you very much, Sam Straka!

Sebastian Alexander

Chris J Dy reviewed RazrInc — 5 star

The day of shooting was very well prepared and coordinated, so that the shooting was finished without complications, even before the time, despite the weather. The video has become wonderful.

Chris J Dy

Frederike Berendsen recommends RazrInc.

FRÉ LOVES RazrInc!  It was such a pleasure working with you, Sam Straka! I’m so happy with the results so far and can’t wait to work together soon again!

Frederike Berendsen

Leonhard Huhn reviewed RazrInc ★★★★★

Mega! We recommend! A real person with a brain and ideas and an excellent eye! Yeah

Leonhard Huhn

Carsten Holzenkamp recommends RazrInc

So far we have made two music videos in Morocco with RazrInc / Sam. Everything had to take place spontaneously and at short notice, but the organization and planning was still great! The shoot was professional, but still pretty relaxed and easy. In the end we had two good music videos and a couple of cool days together in Morocco. Gladly again!

Carsten Holzenkamp

Jakob Heitmann recommends RazrInc

Very professional and straightforward. Whether it’s videos, trailers or album artwork, Sam always brings creative ideas and suggestions and the implementation runs smoothly.
It’s fun to work with him!

Jakob Heitmann

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