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[promo_text customclass=”black-txt”]Why RazrInc?
Because we offer the all-round carefree package for all your needs in between
Marketing, Media and Events.[/promo_text]
[/container][services id=”service1″ customclass=”white-txt”][service_item id=”service-01″ item_no=”1″ span=”4″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Media Production” sub_heading=”Corporate-Videos, Music-videos, event- and trade fair videos, photos, commercials, etc.” icon_url=”https://www.razr-inc.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/services_02.png”]Video, photo and audio production on the highest possible level! But we also provide you with the right media planning, websites, apps, print material and much more. RazrInc, a one stop shop for all your media matters.
Questions? Interested? [/service_item]

[service_item id=”service-02″ item_no=”2″ span=”4″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Live Streaming” sub_heading=”Stream your event!” icon_url=”https://www.razr-inc.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/services_live.png”]If you can’t have your audience with you, you got to come to your audience: Live streams are the number one chance right now. With over 50 internationally produced live streams we can help you to communicate in every possible form.
Questions? Interested?[/service_item]

[service_item id=”service-03″ item_no=”3″ span=”4″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Events” sub_heading=”Live sound, light and video, event- and tour management or artists, we’ll make your event perfect!” icon_url=”https://www.razr-inc.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/services_01.png”]We can provide you with top notch event production technology and staff for all areas in between stage, sound, light, video and special effects. We can supply you with the perfect artist or plan you whole event. And if you want to go on tour, we got you covered with our well orchestrated tour management
Questions? Interested?[/service_item]


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