‘DJs are no musicians’, ‘He’s is just playing prerecorded shows’ or ‘He’s just pressing buttons!’ are a few of the thousand things one hears everyday from people, who couldn’t yet find access to the world of electronic music. I only got to meet Sonny once, and he left me pretty impressed in terms of how creative a person can be, just doing whatever he likes, untouched by the hate and dislike of so many people, thankful for what he was able to archive and yet plain humble.

All of this is nicely covered in the Red Bull documentary “Let’s make a spaceship”, that features the preparations for Skrillex’ show at Coachella. It paints an incredible diverse image of his world.

If six Grammy’s out of 8 nominations couldn’t do it, this is the one to proof all the haters wrong.


  • Everything’s getting rehearsed for shows – yes, even Fatman Scoop taking of his shirt during the show
  • VHS footage can still look very cool
  • You don’t know stress until you work in the event industry and have to build a whole spaceship within three days

And while we’re talking about button pushers…

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