How To Charge 14 Camera Batteries At Once

While having a lot of gear is a nice thing and usually makes filming a lot easier, one thing that constantly bothered me was the charging of batteries. It was always about carrying enough power-strips, the specific chargers, connecting everything, charging the batteries and packing everything. And by now the number of different batteries increased […]

How That Insane Kingsman Church Fight Scene Was Made

Great look behind the scenes of that awesome Kingsman fighting scene. Shows exactly how action sequences are made and on top how to make it look like a one take shot!

Sharpening footage the right way

This tutorial shows exactly how to deal with sharpening in post, why you should only do it in post and basically turn it off in camera. Both on my Sony A7S and my Canon 5D mkII I have the sharpening /details dialled all the way down. Via Casey Faris on Youtube. Check out his other videos […]

[We love Meta] Inception – An homage to the cinema?

One of my favorite movies, written and directed by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan, is “Inception”. The first movie, where I still remember coming out of the theatre, stepping into the glazing sunlight of Los Angles, stuck with the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to digest this movie quickly, unable to perceive […]